3 Nations Anthology Contributors: Sarah Xerar Murphy

Sarah Xerar Murphy: Interpreter, translator, community activist, award winning author; performance, visual and spoken word artist, Sarah Xerar Murphy has published, performed, shown, and toured in Mexico, Spain, the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. Winner of Canada’s Golden Beret Award as well as an Arts Council England International Artist’s fellowship, Murphy has eight books and one sound art/spoken word CD to her credit. Of Choctaw, Irish, English, German, and Latino heritage, Murphy was encouraged from childhood by her Choctaw father, William D. Sherar to view our Turtle Island as one world. Brought up in Brooklyn, she has spent her adult life in Mexico and Canada, and currently in Bocabec, New Brunswick. Her work as a refugee advocate and worries about our world’s turn toward xenophobia, as well as her love of her new home, are reflected in her piece.