3 Nations Anthology Contributors: JD Rule

JD Rule, the Resident Novelist in the easternmost town in the United States, has ten titles currently in print, including eight novels. Most deal with that elusive boundary that separates people, even when they are unaware of the sharp edges. Rule earned his MBA before moving to Maine, and has never looked back. The son of a cold-war military officer who attended four high schools, he has lived on both coasts, abroad, in the heartland, and draws from experiences collected along the way. Much of his career involved the auto industry as a customer-relations manager charged with keeping owners happy and the company out of court, providing a rich background for fiction. Since arriving in Maine he has coached creative writing as an adjunct to a popular music education program, writes for the local newspaper, and currently has two new works in the hopper. His most treasured award is for perfect attendance at North Kingston Junior High, in Rhode Island.